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SUPERIOR: Used superior CTP specialized substrate. High sensitive, high resolution and rich tone.

CONVENIENT: Works under day light. Wide latitude achieved.

STABLE: Fully automatic production and temperature controlling equipment, strictly quality supervised, plate consistency then secured.

COMPETITIVE: Speedy exposure process, pre-heated free, quick in-water balance, less water and paper waste, long run plate.

COMPATIBLE: Can be used in external Drum, internal Drum and Flat-bed plate setter.

Features of CTP Plates

  • photosensitive coating (coated by imported photographic emulsion and resin, the plate provides outstanding alkaline resistance, superior stability, high sensitive, high resolution and wide latitude.

  • Vacuum Ventilating layer (decreased exposure time, and avoids the dots from exposure to vague

  • Hydrophilic treatment (speedy ink-water balance and less water absorption.)

  • Multi Grain Layer (enhance water receptive property of the non-image areas, ensure dots reproduction, extend the run-length)

 CtP Thermal Positive Plate - Technical Specification


General Information


Plate Type




 Offset printing


Gauge / Thickness






Exposing Conditions


Spectral sensitivity



Laser energy required

 110mj/cm2  - 140mj/cm2





Line Resolution

 AM200dpl 1%-99%


FM capability






Developing Conditions



 CXK- P8-DVP, Kodak Gold Star Premium, or other similar type.  Not compatible to Fuji Developer


Developing Temp.

 24 °C ± 2°C


Developing Time

 20S ± 5S


Replenisher rate

 Dynamic 100ml/m2     Static 40-80ml/h





Other Conditions 


Platesetter compatibility

 External / Internal , all kinds of Thermal type CTP platesetter


Run length

 50,000 -60,000 impressions. Depends on process situation.



 Day light processing


Shelf life

 Best condition 1 year


Transport and storage

 5°C - 30°C    RH ≤ 60%