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The plate features the outstanding printing quality and the largest production output with various kinds and sizes.

We provide PS plate with fine dots, long run-length, high image resolution in various sizes and thickness, don't hesitate to contact us now.

We professionally offering PS plate with below characteristics:

  • Sharp DOT
  • Long impression
  • High resolution, better adhesive from film to plate for clear image area.
  • Ventilating grain layer, reduce exposure time, decrease vague proportion and unclear tints.
  • Quick ink - water balance.
Photosensitive Coating

Consisted by imported photographic emulsion and resin, the coating layer of the pate have outstanding alkaline resistance, superior stability, high sensitive and increased adjusting flexibility as well as better resolving power.

Photosensitive Coating
With tiny ventilating grain layer on the surface, the vacuuming time during exposure can be greatly decreased, as well as preventing the proportion of tiny dots from exposuring to vague.

Water Receptive Layer
Excellent water reception capability speeds up the ink-water balance procedure and helps to reduce water absorption during printing process. Superior water retaining capability do effectively prevents non-image areas of the plate from scum and avoids paper from distortion. Consequently, the printing quality improved.

Multi Grain Layers
Multi grain layers Polish up water receptive property of the non-image areas on the plate. It increases the ink /water adjusting flexibility, make sure the developing performance of the tiny dots. It also strengthens the dots' absorption power to the coating layer, which can consequently extend the run-length of the plate.

Anodic-Oxidized Layer
A durable and strong oxidized surface formed after the anodic oxidation process on the aluminium material, which can help to prolong the run-length. This layer can also resists the corrosive effect done by the correction fluid.

 Conventional Positive PS Plate – Technical Specs


General Information


Plate Type




 Electronic Anodized


Gauge / Thickness






Exposing Conditions


Laser energy required

 3000W ,  1m ,  60S-100S





Color Change

 Dark green to light green





Developing Conditions



 CXK -M28- DVP


Developing Time

 30S - 60S





Other Conditions 


Run length

 50,000-60,000 impressions. Depends on process situation.



 Yellow light


Shelf life

 Best condition 18months


Transport and storage

 Please stock where it is cool and dry.