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Autoprint Knight (Single Colour)

Compact, feature-packed and user-friendly. Autoprint Knight is a Single Colour Offset Machine that can offer excellent multicolour quality at affordable prices. Autoprint Knight comes with most of the features of large offset, making this the perfect choice for small Offset Printers wishing to upgrade from Cut Colours / Two Colours to high quality multi-colour jobs.

Technical Specifications
Model Autoprint Knight (Single Colour)
Maximum Paper Size 380 X 508 mm
Minimum Paper Size 100 X 150 mm
Printing Area (Maximum) 360 X 490 mm
Gripper Margin on Plate 32 mm
Gripper Margin on Paper 8 to 10 mm
Gripper Bite 4 mm
Plate Size 400 x500 mm
Blanket Size 430 x500 mm
Paper Thickness 30 gsm to 300 gsm
Inking Unit 15 Inking Rollers including 3 Oscillators and 2 Form Rollers
Dampening Unit 4 rollers including 1 oscillator and 1 Form Roller
Main Drive Motor 1.5 HP, AC 3 Phase (Connectable to Single Phase Power Supply)
Compressor Pump Motor 1 HP, AC Single Phase
Print Speed 1500 to 6000 iph
Special Features
  • Front Loading
  • Three Cylinder (Bearer type)
  • Chain Delivery System
  • Pull Type Side Lay On Both Sides
  • Speed Set plate Clamps
  • Gear Driven Oscillators
  • No-Sheet / Double Sheet Detector
  • Ball Shoe Guides
  • Swing Type Ink Duct / Tank
  • Dry Compressor
  • AC Drive
  • Control Panel
  • Delivery Stacker
  • Centralized Lubrication System
  • Kompac Automatic Dampening System (Optional)