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Autoprint Fine Coat 80 (UV & Aqueous Coating)

Autoprint is always committed to bring modern cutting edge technology to its customers. Autoprint Fine Coat 80, an offline sheet fed UV & Aqueous coating machine is one such revolutionary product from Autoprint. Autoprint Fine Coat 80 can perform full and spot (UV & Aqueous) coating on thin and thick papers at a speed of maximum 5000 sheets per hour. It is designed to meet the growing demand for a reliable and precision coater for large format printers and packaging units.

Technical Specifications
Model Autoprint Fine Coat 80 (UV & Aqueous Coating)
Maximum Sheet Size 560 x 812 mm (22" x 32")
Minimum Sheet Size 254 x 304 mm (10" x 12")
Paper Thickness 0.08 to 0.5 mm(approx. 60-450 gsm)
Blanket Size (L x W x T ) 640 x 800 x 1.65 mm
Plate Size (L x W x T ) 640 x 800 x 0.3 mm
Polymer Plate Thickness 0.95 mm (for spot coating)
Coating Speed 2000 to 5000 sph
Gripper Margin on Plate 40 mm
Gripper Margin on Paper 10 mm
Gripper Bite 5 mm
Coater Roller System 3 Rollers
Maximum Coating Area 550 x 800 mm
Coating Thickness 3-5 gsm adjustable
Registration Accuracy ± 0.5mm
Delivery System Chain Delivery - Automatic Stacker
Power Consumption 6 KW
Main Motor 3HP. [2.25 KW]
Compressor Pump Motor 2HP. [1.5 KW]
Pile Up / Down Motor 1HP. [0.75 KW]
Varnish Motor 0.5HP. [0.375 KW]
Varnish Pump 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase AC
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2750 x 1750 x 1250 mm
Curing System
No. of UV Lamp One
Power of UV Lamp 300 W / inch
No. of IR Lamp Two
Conveyor Length 12 ft
Special Features
  • Stream Feeding
  • Pull Type side lay on both sides
  • Micro Adjustment for Side lay setting
  • Precise Grippers
  • Electro mechanical Double Sheet detector
  • Swing Arm Gripper
  • Centralized Operation Panel
  • Varnish pump for pumping the varnish from tank to the varnish duct.
  • Skew and Over run Sheet detectors with Front lay lock
  • Continuous Varnish System comprising three rollers with Anilox Roller.
  • Fully pneumatic operation.
  • Metering Roller with On the run skew and Pressure adjustment.
  • Delivery Stacker for orderly stacking of sheets
  • Adjustable delivery guides to avoid scratching on the printing side.
  • Centralized Lubrication System