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Autoprint Dion 450 (4 Colour)

Autoprint's over 15 years of experience in the printing industry is evident in Autoprint Dion 450 - a Four Colour sheet-fed offset printing machine - incorporating sophisticated features and top-of-the-line specifications. Inspired by the over 6900 customers of Autoprint, this machine is the perfect solution for short-medium run four colour jobs. It offers exceptional print quality with its 15 Inking Rollers on each colour head. The Kompac Automatic Dampening System from USA not only ensures consistent print quality , but also acts as an additional inking unit to further enhance the print results.

Technical Specifications
Model Autoprint Dion 450 (4 Colour)
Number of Printing Units Four
Maximum Paper Size 400 X 508 mm(16"×20")-optional
Minimum Paper Size 100 X 150 mm(4"×6")
Maximum Printing Area 375 x 490 mm
Paper Thickness 30 to 400 GSM
Print Speed 1500 - 6000 Sheets per hour
Feeding System Single Sheet Feeder
Feeder Pile Height 60mm
Delivery Pile Height 500mm
Blanket 4 Ply Rubber blanket (4 Nos.)
Blanket Size 470x500mm
Blanket Thickness 1.9 mm
Gripper Margin on Plate 32 mm
Gripper Margin on Paper 9 mm
Gripper Bite 5 mm
Vertical Image Adjustment ± 30 mm (on all colour heads)
Lateral Image Adjustment ± 1 mm (on all colour heads)
Vertical Image Fine Adjustment ± 0.7 mm
Pull Lay Fine Adjustment ± 1.5 mm
Plate Thickness 0.3 mm
Delivery System Chain Delivery with Auto receding Stacker
Inking Unit 18 Rollers including, 4 Oscillators and 3 Form Rollers (On each colour head)
Dampening System Kompac Automatic Dampening System (On each colour head)
Power Source 3 Phase, 440 V, 50 Hz
Main Drive Motor 3.675 Kw (5HP)
Pump Motor 0.735 Kw (1 HP)
Physical Dimensions(L x W x H) 3800 x 1400 x 1700mm
Weight Net 3000 Kgs. Approx.
Special Features
  • Automatic Switching Operation
  • Single Sheet Suction Foot Feeder
  • Ultrasonic Double sheet Detector
  • No sheet Detector
  • Cross feed Sensor with front Lay Lock
  • Coated grippers for improved register accuracy
  • Pull Type Side Lay on both sides
  • Speed Set-plate Clamps
  • 18 Inking Rollers
  • Kompac Automatic Dampening System
  • Centralised Touch Screen Control Panel with PLC
  • Powder Spray Unit
  • Delivery Stacker with Auto Receding Pile and Detachable Tray
  • Centralized Lubrication System with Timer
  • Transfer Cylinder with Glass Bead Sheet for Anti-marking
  • Blanket Jam Sensor
  • Gear Driven Oscillators
  • Larger Ink Fountain Roller
  • Swing Type Ink Duct/Tank
  • Pre Register Plate Punch
  • Motorised Feeder Pile Lifting
  • Crawl Speed for faster make ready
  • Four fans in delivery for better stacking of paper
  • Hard Chromium coated cylinder to prevent corrosion and wear resistance
  • Hardened and Ground steel drive gear for smooth drive and lasting result
  • Prinitng with Bearers in contact for improved quality printing
  • Step less adjustment of link from ink Duct Roller for fine ink control
  • Pin register Mechanism for improved register accuracy and production
  • Optimally positioned rollers for improved consistency of link
  • Pre-inking of Plate cylinder to get first page to last page same ink density 10
  • Plate Bending Device