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Autoprint Dion 250 (2 Colour)

Shaped by customer needs and the brainchild of the highly talented R & D team at Autoprint, this Two Colour Printing Machine is the perfect solution for high quality, two colour and four colour short-run jobs. The Autoprint Dion 250, you will find, is twice as nice, offering you valuable savings in investment, space, time, labour and recurring costs.

Technical Specifications
Model Autoprint Dion 250 (2 Colour)
Number of Printing Units 2
Maximum Paper Size 380 X 508 mm
Minimum Paper Size 100 X 150 mm
Printing Area (Maximum) 375 x 490 mm
Paper Thickness 30 gsm to 400 gsm
Print Speed 1500 to 6000 iph
Feeding System Single Sheet Feeder
Blanket 4 Ply Rubber blanket (2 Nos.)
Blanket Thickness 1.9 mm
Gripper Margin on Plate 32 mm
Gripper Margin on Paper 9 mm
Gripper Bite 6 mm
Vertical Image Adjustment ± 30 mm (on both colour heads)
Lateral Image Adjustment ± 2 mm (on both colour heads)
Pull Lay Fine Adjustment ± 1.5mm
Plate Thickness 0.3mm
Delivery System Chain Delivery
Inking Unit 15 Rollers including 4 Oscillators and 3 Form Rollers (On each colour head)
Dampening System Kompac Automatic Dampening System
Power Source 220V,50Hz (Connectable to single phase)
Main Drive Motor 1.5kw(2HP)
Compressor Motor 0.735 kw (1HP)
Dimensions(L x W x H) 3050 x 1400 x 1700mm
Weight Nett 1800 Kgs (Approx)
Special Features
  • Two Colour
  • Speed Set-plate Clamps
  • Electro - Mechanical Double Sheet Detector
  • No Sheet Detector
  • Pull Type side Lay on Both Sides
  • Gear Driven Oscillators
  • Larger Ink Fountain Roller
  • Swing Type Ink Duct/Tank
  • Delivery Stacker with Auto Receding Mechanism
  • Cross Feed Sensor
  • Automatic Switching Operation
  • Kompac Automatic Dampening System
  • Centralized Lubrication System
  • Digital Indicators for plate Cylinder & Pull Side lay
  • Pre Register Plate Punch (Optional)
  • Paper Size : 406 x 508mm(Optional)
  • Storage Powder Spray Unit (Optional)