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ALCA GAMUT 250 (Label Printing - Rotary)

ALCA GAMUT250 is packed with almost every feature you asked for to cater to almost every level of label of printing - from the basic to the complex. ALCA GAMUT 250 can be integrated with free standing away flat bed die cutting unit, hot foiling unit, lamination and computer sprocket hole punching unit for performing online operations / finishing. The Modular Constructions of the ALCA Gamut 250 allows for smooth and seamless integration of new technological advancements in the future.

Technical Specifications
Model ALCA GAMUT 250 (Label Printing - Rotary)
Maximum Web Width 260 mm
Maximum Print Width 250 mm
Repeat Length 5 -215 mm
Rotary Mode of Operation - Max. Print Area 251.3 x 250 mm
Maximum Printing Speed 9000 IPH
Number of Letter Press Print Heads 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
Number of Flexo Print Head 1 (Optional)
Unwind Reel Diameter 800 mm (Maximum)
Inking unit 11 Rollers including 2 Larger Diameter of Form Rollers
Power Source AC Three Phase Input, 380V
Flat Bed Die Cutting Unit
Maximum Die Cutting Area 210 x 240 mm
Maximum Cutting Rule Length 5000mm
Maximum Speed 12000 strokes Per Hour
Flat Bed Hot Foiling Unit
Maximum Foiling Area 210 x 240 mm
Foil Die Thickness (Maximum) 3mm
Slitter Rewinder
Rewind Shaft Diameter 2 shafts of 3" Dia.
Finished Roll Diameter 500mm (Shaft 1) & 400mm (Shaft 2)
Features / Advantages
  • Computerized Web Feed Control
  • Print any Repeat Length (Between 5 -215 mm) by Just Programming
  • Same Set of Ink Rollers and Single Plate Cylinder for all Printing Jobs
  • Less Inventory Costs
  • Print Heads placed on Linear Motion Guides for precise movements
  • Auto Web Tension Control Mechanism Ensures Precise Registration
  • Inter Station - UV Curing
  • Impressively Short Set-up Time and Minimum Web Wastage
  • High Quality printing on all Ranges of Label Stock
  • High Returns on short to Medium print Runs
  • Optional : Online Servo Controlled Flat Bed Die Cutting, Hot Foiling
  • Computer Sprocket Hole Punching and Laminating Facility Allows to Meet Customers Demand at Economical Cost
  • Optional : Sheeter, Rotary Die Cut Unit, Web Cleaning System, Web Viewing / Inspection System